What Is Concrete Jacketing?


Author: Albert
Published: 27 Nov 2021

Steel Jacketing for Column Repair

The jacketing process can be used to repair columns. This useful for treating deteriorated concrete or steel sheet pile bulkheads. The area is jacketed with a thick water impermeable fabric and a mixture of asphalt and water.

The material is injected through the Geotextile Membrane. The technique of jacketing is based on the fact that the primary reinforcement is steel sheet piles, which are in a vertical position under a jacket of ageomembrane. This has been used to restore sheet pile bulkheads.

The word jacketing means placing an outer layer of material around a column. It can be used for many different reasons. Depending on the application and the overall design

It can also be chosen for insulation purposes in colder climates. It happens when the initial construction is underway or when the structure is added to match existing columns. The metal jacketing is made of either galvanized orstainless steel.

It can either be wrapped around an existing column or welded to the new column. It helps with insulation and gives off more heat than wood or concrete. Concrete jacketing is used for aesthetic purposes.

Concrete Jacketing for the Repair of Deteriorated Columns, Piers and Pile

It is possible to repair deteriorated columns, piers, and piles using jacketing. The method is applicable for protecting concrete, steel, and timber sections. A major strengthening of the foundation may be avoided if the columns are jacketed.

Poor maintenance of the structure or adverse atmospheric conditions can cause weak RCC columns to degrade over time. Design errors, deficient concrete productions, and bad execution process are some of the reasons for the construction phase. The need may arise due to an earthquake, an accident, or situations involving changes in the structure.

The NSM method uses grooves cut into the cover concrete and then the bars are placed in the grooves and bonded using an appropriate filler. The longitudinal direction is where NSM FRP bars are usually used. The hybrid jacketing is a result of the NSM method and external bonding.

Shape memory alloys, which are characterized by their superelasticity, are considered for the strengthening of structural elements. SMA FRP alloys are considered a more viable solution to retrofitting due to their advantages such as no need for glue, easy installation and no danger of peel off. Concrete jacketing is important for the strength of reinforced concrete columns.

Beam-Weak Column System for a Strong and Rigid Structure

The strength and rigidity of the structure can be increased by shielding beams from the column sand. The creation of a strong beam-weak column system is avoided by carefully computed flexural resistance. The jacketing of the column may cause beam hinging in the retrofitted structure.

A jacketing process for structural members

It is made of concrete with reinforcement around the column. A jacketing process involves the restoration of a section of a structural member using suitable materials. A steel reinforcement cage or a material wrap can be built around the damaged section.

Mixing of powder mixture for jackets and thermal insulation boards

The special cement-based, fiber-reinforced, glue that is called jacketing is used in many repairs, and it is also used in thermal insulation boards. The ready-made powder mixture in the bag should be mixed with a low-speed mixer until it becomes lump-free with 5,5 to 6,5 liters of clean water and should be mixed again after resting for 5 minutes. Adding water again and mixing if necessary is needed for consistency.

The mortar should be consumed within 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the weather. The material cannot be used. Kimteks is a leading raw material company in Turkey that imports and exports paint raw materials.

A Concrete Maintenance Project

A key component in concrete maintenance is an evaluation of materials and knowing how building maintenance will benefit from it. Selecting the right materials for the job will be influenced by how the structure needs to be strengthened.

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