What Is Concert Of Europe?


Author: Richelle
Published: 27 Nov 2021

The Concert of Europe

The Concert of Europe can be viewed in two phases, the first from 1814 to 1860 and the second from the early 1800s to 1914. The influence of the Austrian chancellor's conservatism and the dominance of Austria within the German Confederation, as well as the reactionary efforts of the Congress of Austria, made the Age of Metternich a name for the first phase. The rise of nationalism and rival alliances were some of the factors that led to the Concert of Europe's failure.

The Congress-focused approach to international affairs was influential in the later League of Nations, the United Nations, the Group of Seven and other multi-lateral summits and organizations. The Congress of Paris, which was the culmination of the Concert, resulted in a single treaty after all the outstanding issues of the conflict were resolved in a single Congress. Nationalism was on the rise around the world before the start of the first World War, and was a factor in the fall of the Concert of Europe.

The First European War: France and the Quadruple Alliance

There was a difference of opinion between Russiand England Austriabout the basis on which France would be admitted into the Quadruple Alliance. Russia proposed to follow the principles of the Holy Alliance. England Austria believed that France should be admitted by means of a treaty alliance with the four Powers.

The European States should exercise a mutual right of search for slaves in order to suppress slave trade, according to Great Britain. The suggestion was not accepted because of the jealousy of the naval strength of Great Britain. No country was prepared tolerate British interference.

The result was that no action could be taken against slavery. It was a protest against the autocracy of the Eastern Powers and a protest against the potential dictatorship of the Mediterranean system. It is not certain if England ever held herself committed to the idea of a common European policy.

The Great Powers and the United Nations

The Great Powers fought a war in 1854 that threatened Europe. The Concert of Europe was undermined by the war in the Crimean War. The Great Powers had sought to avoid conflict at all costs, so why did the war break out?

The answer is simple: the extra- European spheres of interest of two of the Great Powers began to collide, and no diplomatic mechanism within the Concert offered a solution to the problem. The Concert of Europe ceased to function as a central function after the First World War. The unification of Germany in the 1870s undermined the Concert because of the transformation of European politics in the 1840s.

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