What Is Concert G Flat For Trumpet?


Author: Lisa
Published: 28 Nov 2021

Building lung power with Trumpets

Trumpets are a difficult instrument to learn initially, but with lots of practice and time, they can be mastered. It takes a lot of practice to build up lung power for the instrument.

The "Concert Scale" and the 'Pitch of Psi

"Concert Scale" is related to "Concert Pitch". It's all about the act of transpositioning. The piano is the standard for pitch. The guitar and bass are the same pitch as the piano.

The C on the Piano

The piano is a good default instrument to explain a concert key because almost everyone has access to one. To find C on a full piano, you need to look for a set of 2 black notes together, C will be the note to the left of the left black note. The piano has multiple Cs, the one in the middle is middle C.

Transpositions of E flat instruments

The key of E flat is used for the saxophone, clarinet, and tuba. That means that when they play their written note, a concert is produced. The chart below shows the transpositions for E flat instruments.

The String Theory Translations of the Piano

The B flat instruments read music a whole tone higher than the piano, the E flat instruments read music a major sixth higher, and the F flat instruments read a fifth higher. The note written as C for the piano is also used for the trumpet, French horn, and A for the alto sax. The complete table of transpositions is given below.

What Key to Play in Music All The Time?

The chart above shows what key to play in for each song on Music All the Time. The violinist will use the version in the key of F, the clarinetist will use the version in the key of G, and the alto saxophonist will use the version in the key of F.

Flattening a note with brass instruments

Flat keys are friendlier if the winds are mostly adding sharps. Concert C has trumpets in D and alto saxes in A. While E major might seem like a good key for strings or piano, your trumpets end up in F# and C#.

It's not as easy as it should be for a good player to play in any key. Unless you're at the bottom of the partial, you can always flatten a note with brass instruments. Even just C, G, and G# is crossing over a break, going from the highest note of one partial into the bottom of the next.

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