What Is Carnival's Private Island?


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Published: 29 Nov 2021

Half Moon Cay: A Private Island in the Bahamas

Half Moon Cay is a private island in the Bahamas that is shared by Carnival and Holland America. The sand is white and free of seaweed or shells. The sea is warm, but not too warm, and turquoise, just like all the postcards you see of Caribbean beaches that you always assumed were fake.

The Welcome Center has information and excursions, a church for weddings, an ice cream parlour, bar, and food pavilion. Look for souvenirs, local crafts, and beachwear at the Straw Market, as well as visit the watersports center, go horse riding on the beach, or book a treatment at the Half Moon Salon. The Half Moon Lagoon Aqua Park has slides and a pirate ship.

Holland America cruise ships frequently visit Half Moon Cay. Before booking a cruise, make sure you check the itineraries to see if Half Moon Cay is included. It can take a while to get everyone on the ship so the best advice is to get up early and be one of the first in line or hang around for a leisurely breakfast and relax until the rush is over.

There are many advantages. It will give passengers more time to enjoy the island supplies can be easily transferred to the bars and eateries on the mainland. A permanent port will be able to avoid rough seas which can affect ship-to-shore transfers.

The Half Moon Beach is one of the best features about the private island. It is nicer than Princess Cays, which has rocky areas and coarse sand. birdwatching fans can find many native birds and waterfowl in the Bahamas.

A survey by Majestic Feathers shows that there are at least 47 different species of birds at Half Moon Cay. Half Moon Cay is an island that locals from the nearby island of Eleuthera ferry across to when there are cruise visitors. They teach you how to dance and braid your hair to look more local.

The Pier: A New Port to Take Guests Out of Line

The pier will allow ships to take guests to the private island back without using water shuttles. Anyone who has ever waited in line knows that it can be a tedious process. It could help ensure that as many people as possible make it to Half Moon Cay. The rough waters of a port can easily scuttle a planned day on the beach, whereas a pier would allow passengers to easily make their way to shore.

The Beach at Half Moon Cay

You only have half a day at Half Moon Cay so make sure to see the beach. The blue waters and white sand beach were great for swimming and running. The island is built on 45 acres along a crescent-shaped beach with a mile of length on a protected bay leading to Exuma Sound.

The food on the island of Carnival's

Since it is kind of Carnival's island the waiter work it, is the food included or is it something you pay for? The food on the island was included in the lunch on the Big Red Boat.

The Little Stirrup Cay Islands

Little San Salvador was purchased by Holland America Line for $6 million in 1997. Half Moon Cay is a private retreat for passengers on the line's Caribbean and Panama Canal sailings. The port is also used by Carnival ships.

The island of Little Stirrup Cay is known as Perfect Day at CocoCay and is located between the popular cruise ports of Nassau and Freeport. Royal Caribbean leased 140 acres of land in 1990 to use for activities for passengers on its sister line Celebrity Cruises. The Great Stirrup Cay is located in the Berry Island chain the Bahamas and is 130 nautical miles east of Fort Lauderdale.

The cay has a kid-friendly Aqua Park, a private beachfront cabanas, and more. The Labadee is a 260-acre private beach resort carved out of Haiti's rolling, densely forested north coast. A typical day in port might include snorkeling, filling up a plate or two at the all-you-can eat barbecue, zipping across the water on the Dragon's Breath Flight Line or sleeping soundly in a beach chair.

The Carnival Cruise Line at Amber Cove

The Carnival cruise ship and port at Amber Cove are in the Dominican Republic and are in close proximity to planes. The horizon was not visible with no visible CHEMtrails.

Half Moon Cay: A Tropical Island

Half Moon Cay is supervised by an efficient staff from your ship that provides passengers with whatever they need. The 2,400-acre island is located in the middle of the ocean and has a constant amount of sunshine. Enjoy the beaches. Half Moon Lagoon water park has a pirate ship waterslide and water cannons for kids to play on.

The Carnival Island: A Private Oasis

Half Moon Island was leased and turned into a private island for Carnival cruises over 20 years ago. The island was renamed Half Moon Cay Bahamas but the private island still is called Little San Salvador. Half Moon Cay has only 50 acres of development for tourism.

It is beautiful because it has a lot of room for majestic green and deep blue landscapes. Every year, Carnival builds more trails throughout the island. The trails are paved but a lot of them are sandy or dried dirt which makes them appealing.

The trails lead you to the starting points of many of the excursions around the island. There are many fun things to do, including snorkeling, kayaking, watercraft excursions, boat rides and bike rides. You can find many options at Half Moon Cay.

You may be interested in buying jewelry made in the Bahamas. You can purchase a clam shell and have a pearl ring made for you. Other Bahamas vacationers enjoy buying handcrafted artisan postcards from the Post Office and writing a letter to their family and friends back home, and they also like to write a letter to their future selves.

You can take the tram around the Carnival private island to see the entire of Half Moon Cay. The Calypso Tram is easy to use and will take you to some of the best spots on the island. The beach on Half Moon Cay is very nice.

Private Island Experiences

A private island experience can be free when you are cruising. If you want to get the most from your day, you might want to book some optional once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Private islands are the best way to visit a Caribbean island.

The First Private Island Destination for Norwegian Cruise Lines

The first private island destination for Norwegian Cruise Line guests was Great Stirrup Cay. Great Stirrup Cay was once a hideout for pirates and now is a place for sun-seekers.

The Bahamas Pier

The construction covers less than 3% of the island. Guests are transported to the pier by boats that operate every few minutes from ships moored offshore. There will be more excitement in the future.

The Princess Cay and Half Moon Islands

The ports of Half Moon Cay and Princess Cay were operated by Holland America and Princess until they merged with Carnival Corp. Half Moon and Princess Cay are both visited by ships from Princess, Carnival and Holland America.

Bannister Island

It looks like it could be Bannister Island. There is a place for kayaks on the beach, as well as a small restaurant and lounge chairs. Someone thought it had been sold recently.

Attaching a couple links will give you a better idea of what Bannister Island looks like. The last link has "Sold", so it appears that it was sold. The year is 2007, though.

UpgradedPoints.com: Upgrade of Point Program Information for the Carnival Cruise Line

The Carnival Cruise Line has been around for over forty years. It offers cruises to Europe, Mexico, and Hawaii, as well as Caribbean cruises. Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands are some of the destinations that Carnival Cruise Line Australia covers.

There are bars on the Carnival cruise ship. If you would prefer to pay for your drinks ahead of time, Carnival offers drink packages. The biggest Carnival ship can hold 4,008 passengers and 1,450 crew members.

The second is Carnival Horizon which can hold 3,974 passengers and 1,450 crew members. Information credit cards, reward programs, travel and ancillary information concerning travel and credit cards are provided by Upgraded Points, and its website, UpgradedPoints.com. The information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial, tax or legal advice.

Can you order drinks with Carnival?

If you wait until you board the ship, you can go to a bar and ask for the package. The package is advertised on the first day. No.

Sharing of the package is not allowed. Carnival requires all guests in a stateroom to purchase the package if one person does so because they stopped passengers from sharing it. If you want to purchase more than one drink, you can simply pay for the others on your account.

Wait five minutes to get another beverage with the package. The convenience of having a set price is one other thing to consider. Some people don't want to worry about the bill at the end of the cruise, but they do want to come out ahead with the package.

Drink packages allow you to plan your costs and budget, since the cost is the same each day. Does anyone have a promo code for Cheers? There is a space to put a code in but not sure if they have one.

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