What Is Carnevale Di Venezia?


Author: Albert
Published: 1 Dec 2021

Farewell to Meat

The Latin word for farewell to meat is "carnevale", which means a good-bye party for the steaks and stew that Catholics traditionally gave up during the weeks of fast before Easter. The Romans celebrated a fertility festival in the winter where citizens and slaves wore masks.

The Carnival in Vince

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it has great views on both sides of the Grand Canal. The Carnival is repeated every year by Venice. New events are always offered.

The best Carnival costume is on display on the Piazza San Marco stage. It is open to everyone. It has proven to be one of the most popular events.

Frittelle: A Dishesaurant Food in Venice

The Carnival of Venice is unique because of the masks. The tradition of building costumes around the selection of a unique mask began in the 5th century. Flamboyant and striking masqueraders in Piazza San Marco are in front of a crowd and for a chance at a prize.

The fried dough Venetians love to eat is not known about, but it is one of the many things that the Carnival of Venice is known for. Frittelle, also known as fried donuts, are fried donuts that disappear just as soon as the period ends. Frittelle were declared the national dessert because they were so popular.

If your father had been a fritoler, you could only become one if you were an authorized one. It can be a challenge to snatch a table. Locals are happy to chat and eat, while also having a wine glass in their hand.

The Festival of the Animals in Venice

Thousands of tourists flock to Venice to witness the celebration of the Festival of the Animals, which runs from February 1 to February 12.

The Venetian Carnival

The Venetian Carnival is an international event that is becoming more and more important each year because of the participation of thousands of people. The Venetian Carnival is different from other carnivals because of the participation of the entire population and tourists from all over the world. Performers from all over the world will perform on four routes in Venice.

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