What Is Ceremony In Death?


Author: Lorena
Published: 30 Nov 2021

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A Ceremony to Celebrate

A ceremony is a powerful event that marks a change and usually a held space that allows growth and deepens understanding. At the end of the ceremony, something within has changed, and you may have one or several rituals.

Carolanne Allardyce: A Spiritual Life Coach and Angel Therapist

Carolanne Allardyce is a spiritual life coach and angel therapist with a background in social work and counseling. Carolanne started her spiritual journey more than 20 years ago. Her own center forholistic therapy.

The Hindi Language in India

Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India. The Arabic word for procedure or method is rasm. The turban is the subject of the ceremony.

The Toraja people do not eat anymore

They don't dread death but rather honor it with the utmost care to help them get to the afterlife. It takes years of preparation for a funeral. The dead bodies are in the family homes.

Their loved ones give them food and water daily, and they swat flies off their rotting skin. The Toraja people are an indigenous group of people in the South Sulawesi region of Indonesia, which is at the geographical center of the country's archipelago. The area is mountainous and tropical, with high temperatures and heavy rain almost every day.

Most Torajans live in small villages connected by dirt roads. The villages have distinct houses known as tongkonan. The buildings sit on stilts and have saddleback roofs.

A funeral is seen as a sign of status for the Torajan families. It's a costly and important affair that many people go into debt to provide a proper funeral for their loved ones. The average family can only afford to buy a couple animals with a single water buffalo costing between $10,000 and $40,000.

A wealthy family can easily employ more than 100. The buffalo is sacrificed and paraded out after it has completed feats of strength known as Ma'pasilaga Tedong. Two buffalo horns are flying in the air as the village watches.

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